We have started to work on some changes in how you can post your projects on OpenNTF – changes that, over time, will enforce the IP Policy that the Steering Committee adopted late in 2010.  When all the changes are completed, it will mean that:
– only those covered by an ICLA or CCLA (aka "Contributors") can create Projects
–  Projects will remain invisible until:
– all contributors to the Project (not just the creator) are covered by an ICLA or CCLA
– The creator provides assurance that any 3rd party code in the submission has been handled correctly.
– While Projects are invisible, you will still be able to enable others to contribute or observe.

So, what does this mean today?  The only big change you will notice is that when you create a Project or Release, you will see that it reminds you that you need to be covered by an ICLA or CCLA.  And, unless your name is in the list of "Contributors", you won't be able to create a Project or Release.

You will also notice a smaller change.  In the Project and Release pages, it states which Releases have been accepted in the OpenNTF Catalog.  These are releases that have been through an IP, documentation and functionality check.

The support for making Projects invisible will come at a later date.

These changes to the site are a work in progress – and there are bound to be issues.  If you have sent us an ICLA or CCLA but still cannot create a Project or Release, or have any other issue or question – send a note to IP-Manager at openntf dot org.  

Why are these changes being made?  Simply because the Steering Committee wants OpenNTF to be a source of code that people can have faith in.  Where one can download with some assurance that they will have a legal right to actually use the code.  And the main point of an ICLA or CCLA is providing us with the assurance that the Contributor actually has the legal right to make contribute the code to a Project.  

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