Phil Riand has released a new version of the XPages Extension Library. He describes the new functionality in the release notes:

Many new fixes and enhancements to the library:
- REST services: the parameters names of the View services slightly changed to enforce the consistency with other Lotus products
- OneUI v2: the picker and the dialog now fully render OneUI. Look at the demo app!
- The dynamic view panel has extended capability, like displaying icons (when running on a Domino server). Also, some data types like number, date, time, date+time are better rendered
- New form table rendering capability
- New form control, like the ImageSelect control which works similarly to a group of radio buttons but with custom images
- Better implementation of the "Social API"
- ... and a lot more.

I'd like to highlight one control which I really like and haven't seen much talk about yet - xe:dataView. This control provides a lot of functionality and configuration options.

You can expand and collapse view entries and in addition you can preview view entries inline. You can also define declaratively which extra columns to show:

A picture named M2

The view control can also handle categorized views:

A picture named M2

The next screenshot shows a view without the pager. Instead users can click the 'add 30 rows' (or however you call it) link at the bottom to append the next entries on the same page. The control also provides the ability to have checkboxes.

A picture named M3

Furthermore you can have view entries displayed in different columns:

A picture named M4

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