We've updated the Demos page on XPages.info significantly.

Our intention with the new page is to allow people to discover what end user functionality can be built with XPages and to demonstrate the value XPages applications can provide.

The page contains four different types of demos:

1) Live XPages Demo Applications from OpenNTF
2) Live XPages Development Controls from OpenNTF
3) Public Production Applications
4) Videos

Try the new demo page.

The live applications and controls have been deployed on an OpenNTF server and populated with some sample data. Here are some of them:

A picture named M2

Some of these live applications allow not only reading pages but also creating documents. In order to do this the applications provide login mechanisms which allow authenticating via an OpenNTF user account. We intend to reset the data of these applications from time to time.

The Production Applications section contains public production applications that have been built using XPages. If you want to add your application or a video please contact us.

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